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NEXT GATHERING | November 13 + 14, 2020

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It started with one question – what would happen if a generation arose that knew no fear? We began to wonder what a generation like that could create, change, conquer, transform, and accomplish if fear was no longer the roadblock to purpose. RUSH is a student conference with a long history of lives changed, dreams realized, miracles, and milestones. However, this year we have set out to make history by completely changing RUSH from the ground up.

This conference is for the Christ-followers and the misfits, the well-known and lesser known, for students, student leaders, and students pastors to be: empowered, transformed, and fearless as they step into what God has next for this generation…

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A two-day student conference dedicated to seeing the lives of students transformed and empowered by God to become culture creators and kingdom builders. This is for the fearless generation…